The secure password manager

What is Hoplite?

We all have plenty online accounts and passwords. They allow us to work, interact with other people and preserve our private life.

These accounts and related passwords are usually written on lying around paper sheets. They are also often stored on an Excel file put on the computer desktop. Or managed by a web browser that was compromised several times. Moreover, they may be stored in a far-away cloud using an unknown security level.

Hoplite Key Manager is a hardware password manager designed not only to ease and secure user’s data, but also to allow the user to regain control over his/her data. Hoplite is made of two complementary parts: a rugged device storing your data with high security concerns and a totally free application for computers and mobile devices.

Why choose Hoplite?

  • Secure: your data are encrypted twice by using military-grade standard algorithms. End-to-end encryption assures that only Hoplite app can retrieve clear data.
  • Rugged: Hoplite features an armored and waterproof casing. Electronic parts are oversized. Data are stored on high-reliability redundant memories. Hoplite device does not embed any battery, which are known for being harmful and breakable.
  • Private: your data are stored only in the Hoplite device. Device connects to computer or phone only through a cable and not by radio, preventing a hacker from sniffing your data from the air.

How do you use Hoplite?

Thanks to Hoplite Key Manager, you only have to remember one master password to unlock access to the thousands of passwords that can be stored in the device. Hoplite device stores not only your passwords, but also their related data, like account identifier, web site URL, notes…

Hoplite device casing is ergonomic and ideally-sized to easily fit in your pocket or handbag. Furthermore, its modern and appealing design will match perfectly with your desk.

Keep the control over your data!